TFT Unlock Tool Free v4.6.3.3 Latest Download

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TFT Unlock Tool v4.6.3.3

What Is TFT Unlock Tool v4.6.3.3?

The TFT Unlock Tool is a free software program designed for Windows computers that can help you bypass various security measures on your Android device. Whether you've forgotten your screen lock PIN, pattern, or are locked out due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP), this tool offers a potential solution to regain access to your phone.


  • FRP Bypass: Removes Factory Reset Protection, allowing you to set up your device again.
  • Screen Lock Removal: Bypasses various screen lock methods like PINs, passwords, or patterns.
  • Formatting: Performs a factory reset, wiping all your device's data and settings.
  • Repair IMEI: Fixes a damaged or incorrect International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. (Use with caution)
  • Unlock Bootloader: Grants advanced users access to modify their device's software. (Advanced users only)
  • Account Removal: Removes Mi account (Xiaomi), Huawei ID, and OPPO ID for these respective brands.
  • Additional Functions: Offers features like reading flash memory, writing certificates, and wiping EFS (Electronic File System) partition (use with extreme caution).
Supported Functions (Samsung Models - USA Only)
  • [COM] REMOVE FRP: Bypasses FRP specifically for Samsung USA model devices.
  • [ADB] Disabling Knox: Disables Knox security on Samsung devices using ADB (Android Debug Bridge).
  • [ADB] Disabling OTA Update: Disables automatic OTA (Over-the-Air) updates on Samsung devices using ADB.
Additional Supported Functions (General Android)
  • [ADB] Add Arabic Language Android (9-10-11-12-13): Enables the Arabic language on compatible Android devices running versions 9 to 13 using ADB.
  • [ADB] Add keyboard Arabic: Adds an Arabic keyboard layout on compatible devices using ADB.

How To Use TFT Unlock Tool

  • Download and Install: Download the TFT Unlock Tool (v4.6.3.3) and unzip the file to a designated location on your computer.
  • Disable Antivirus (Temporarily): Temporarily turn off your antivirus software during the installation process. Remember to re-activate it after use.
  • Run the Tool: Double-click on "TFT Unlock Tool" to run the program.
  • Install Drivers (if needed): The tool may prompt you to install drivers for your device. Follow the on-screen instructions if necessary.
  • Connect Your Device: Connect your Android device to your computer using a compatible USB cable.
  • Choose Your Function: Select the desired function from the TFT Unlock Tool interface (e.g., FRP Bypass, Screen Lock Removal).
  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: The tool will provide specific instructions for the chosen function. Follow them carefully to complete the process.
Info Details
Tool Name TFT Unlock Tool
Tool Version v4.6.3.3
Prices Free
Supported Windows
Download Setup Link


Q: Is TFT Unlock Tool safe to use?

A: While the tool can be helpful, there are inherent risks involved in modifying your device's software. It's recommended to understand the potential consequences, such as voiding your warranty or data loss, before proceeding.

Q: Will TFT Unlock Tool work on my device?

A: The tool supports a wide range of Android devices, but compatibility can vary. It's best to check the developer's website or search online forums for confirmation regarding your specific device model.

Q: What are the Limitations of TFT Unlock Tool?

A: The tool's effectiveness can depend on your device model, Android version, and security settings. Not all features may be compatible with every device.


The TFT Unlock Tool offers a free solution for bypassing security measures on Android devices. However, use it with caution and ensure you have a backup of your important data before proceeding. It's advisable to thoroughly research the tool's compatibility with your device and follow comprehensive instructions to avoid any complications.

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