Pandora Box V6.9 (Latest) Free Download

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Pandora Box V6.9

The Pandora Box V6.9 is a software suite designed for technicians and advanced users working with Mediatek-powered smartphones and tablets. It empowers users with a comprehensive toolkit for diagnosing, repairing, and unlocking these devices.


  • Extensive Device Support: Works with a vast array of Mediatek devices, encompassing both smartphones and tablets.
  • Direct Memory Management: Advanced users can manipulate device memory partitions for specialized operations.
  • Bootloader Control: Modify your device's bootloader state to unlock new functionalities.
  • Flash Memory Formatting: Safely format the device's flash memory for a clean slate.
  • Service Mode Access: Reboot your device into various service modes for troubleshooting and advanced tasks.
  • FRP Erasure: Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on compatible devices, regaining access after a forgotten password.
  • Comprehensive Firmware Database: Access a vast library of firmware files for various Mediatek devices, allowing for updates or restoration.
  • Detailed Device Information: Gain valuable insights by reading detailed information about your connected device.
  • Network Lock Removal: Unlock network restrictions on your device, enabling you to use it with different carriers.
  • Bootloop Repair: Rescue devices stuck in a boot loop, where they repeatedly restart and fail to boot properly.
  • Unlock Code Retrieval: Read network unlock codes for your device, providing carrier freedom.
  • Backup and Restore: Create backups of your device's data and restore them when needed, safeguarding important information.
  • Preloader Repair: Address preloader issues that might hinder your device's functionality.

What's New in v6.9?

The latest V6.9 update brings expanded support for several device brands:

  • Extensive ONN Compatibility: Pandora Box now supports various ONN tablets, including popular models like the ONN 11.6 Pro and ONN 8 Kids.
  • Enhanced ZTE Support: The update incorporates compatibility with additional ZTE phones, such as the Optus X Pro 2 and Voyage 30 4G.
  • Additional Hisense Devices: V6.9 adds support for several Hisense phones, including the HLT221E Hisense E30 SE and HLTE222E Hisense U50.
Pandora Box V6.9: Click Here


The Pandora Box V6.9 is a valuable toolkit for technicians and advanced users working with Mediatek devices. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and expanding device support make it a powerful solution for comprehensive device management.

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