EMT v3.38.00 Free Latest Downlaod

EMT v3.38.00 Free Latest Downlaod, EMT v3.38.00,

EMT v3.38.00

What is EMT v3.37.00?

EMT v3.37.00 is a software tool designed for managing Android devices from various manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and Lenovo. It allows users to perform actions such as resetting the device, downgrading firmware (Xiaomi only), and fixing Demo/Enterprise mode (Xiaomi only) on certain models.


  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection): This function removes the Google account verification lock on a device after a factory reset.
  • Format / Factory Reset: This option completely wipes the device and restores it to factory settings.
  • Downgrade Firmware (Xiaomi only): This feature allows downgrading Xiaomi devices to a compatible older firmware version.
  • Fix Demo/Enterprise (Xiaomi only): This function helps restore Xiaomi devices from Demo/Enterprise mode to the standard stable firmware.
  • Read Information: This retrieves information about the connected device.
  • Flash: This feature allows flashing new firmware onto the device.
  • Read/Write/Erase Partition: This function lets you manage specific partitions on the device's storage.
  • Partition File Manager: This advanced option provides management functionalities for various partitions on the device.

Tool NameEMT         
Tool Versionv3.38.00         
Download SetupLink

Important Notes

  • Not all features are available for all devices.
  • Certain functions may require authorization or additional steps depending on the model.
  • Downgrading firmware and fixing Demo/Enterprise mode are specific to Xiaomi devices and may have risks. Refer to the tool's instructions for details.

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  • Does EMT v3.37.00 require unlocking the bootloader?

No, unlocking the bootloader is not required for most functions of EMT v3.37.00. However, some advanced features on specific models might necessitate an unlocked bootloader.

  • Is EMT v3.37.00 safe to use?

While EMT v3.37.00 offers various functionalities, it's crucial to use it cautiously.  There's always a risk of bricking your device (rendering it unusable) if the process goes wrong. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and only use it on compatible models.

  • Where can I find instructions for using EMT v3.37.00?

The information provided  doesn't mention an official instruction source. It's recommended to search online for specific guides related to the particular function and device model you want to use it with.

  • Do I need any special skills to use EMT v3.37.00?

Using EMT v3.37.00 effectively might require some technical knowledge.

  • Where can I get EMT v3.37.00?

You Can Download From The Link On This Page.


    EMT v3.37.00 can be a helpful tool for technicians and advanced users to manage Android devices. However, it's crucial to use it cautiously and ensure compatibility with your specific device before proceeding with any actions

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