Magisk v26.2

Magisk v26.2

In the ever-evolving world of Android customization and rooting, Magisk has consistently stood out as a versatile and indispensable tool. With the release of Magisk v26.2, the Magisk team has once again pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the world of Android modding. This article explores the latest features and enhancements that come with Magisk v26.2, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and power users.

Support for Extracting Boot Image from payload.bin

Magisk v26.2 introduces an innovative feature that allows users to extract the boot image directly from payload.bin files. This feature streamlines the process of working with firmware updates and ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of Android devices.

Magisk v26.2

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Support for cpio Files Containing Character Files

With this release, Magisk extends its support to cpio files containing character files, enhancing its compatibility and flexibility when handling various system components and modifications.

Support for Listing cpio Content

Understanding the contents of cpio files is crucial for advanced users, and Magisk v26.2 simplifies this by offering built-in support for listing the contents of cpio archives, providing greater insight into the modification process.

Direct Handling of AVB 1.0 Signing and Verification

Magisk v26.2 now directly handles AVB 1.0 signing and verification, eliminating the need to go through a Java implementation. This optimization enhances performance and reliability during the boot image patching process.

Making the Daemon Socket a Fixed Path in MAGISKTMP

Stability and predictability are paramount, and Magisk v26.2 addresses this by establishing a fixed path for the daemon socket in MAGISKTMP, ensuring consistent behavior across different devices and setups.

Support for Printing Property Context

Understanding the context of system properties is crucial for troubleshooting and fine-tuning your device. This release introduces support for printing property context, aiding users in identifying and resolving potential conflicts.

Support for Only Printing Persistent Properties from Storage

In certain scenarios, it's essential to focus on persistent properties stored in the device's memory. Magisk v26.2 offers support for exclusively printing persistent properties, streamlining property management tasks.

Magisk v26.2

Magisk v26.2 Features

  • Support for extracting boot image from payload.bin
  • Support for cpio files containing character files
  • Support for listing cpio content
  • Direct handling of AVB 1.0 signing and verification without going through Java implementation
  • Making the daemon socket a fixed path in MAGISKTMP
  • Support for printing property context
  • Support for only printing persistent properties from storage
  • Proper support for setting persistent properties bypassing property_service
  • Support for -g and -G options in MagiskSU
  • Support for switching mount namespace to PID with -t in MagiskSU
  • Fix for patching extended permissions in MagiskPolicy
  • Support for more syntax for extended permissions in MagiskPolicy
  • Support for printing out the loaded policy rules in MagiskPolicy
  • Support for patching boot images from ROM zips in the Magisk app
  • Proper preservation of boot.img when patching Samsung firmware with init_boot.img in the Magisk app

Support for -g and -G Options in MagiskSU

MagiskSU, the superuser management tool, now boasts enhanced functionality with support for the -g and -G options, providing greater control over the superuser environment and permissions.

Fix for Patching Extended Permissions in MagiskPolicy

This release addresses a critical issue by fixing the patching of extended permissions in MagiskPolicy, ensuring a smooth experience when managing app permissions and policies.

Proper Preservation of boot.img when Patching Samsung Firmware with init_boot.img in the Magisk App

For Samsung device users, Magisk v26.2 ensures the proper preservation of boot.img when patching firmware with init_boot.img through the Magisk app, preventing any unintended consequences during the modification process.

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