KAT v2.0 Android ToolKit 2019 With Driver Free Download

KAT v2.0 Android ToolKit 2019 Free Download
KAT v2.0 Android ToolKit 2019

  • HUGE Modifications for resources
  • Bundle of OPTIONS Added
  • Auto-check for Detecting your device (top right corner button)
  • Get your Phone Information (some of them useful for devs)
  • Download, Flash, Backup, or directly Change YOUR Boot Animation
  • A new section for devs added (removed About section)
  • Backup your partition manually via a tool or a Batch script
  • Edit the textbox by the changing the combo box, or manually insert}
  • Dump your Partition directly
  • Root your device easily via ADB (Universal method may or may not work)
  • Make an insecure boot image automatically (secure,debuggable = 0)
  • Just select boot image, the tool will automatically create patched one}
  • Installed Parted Library (to view partition system, if /block doesn’t show)
  • Fixed Reboot option, more option added for special reboots
  • Fixed Unlocking bootloader option
  • Fixed Flasher Tab (HUGE)
Download Link::: Link
Password: Technical Computer Solutions
Price: Free
Size: 90MB

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